The Career of Shawn Michaels : 1992 - 1994

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Shawn Michaels is considered one of the greatest performers in the history of professional wrestling. Dubbed “The Showstopper” and “The Icon”, HBK has had a career filled with excellent matches and entertaining storylines. Shawn’s path to legendary status would truly begin in 1992 after the breakup of The Rockers tag team, and this is where this video begins.
After WrestleMania 8, Shawn Michaels and Sensational Sherri would continue on in the WWF’s upper midcard. Shawn’s next rivalry was with Rick Martel, and the 2 men met in the ring at SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley Stadium. From here, Shawn would capture the Intercontinental Championship and he would headline Survivor Series 92 with Bret Hart. 1993 would see Sherri leave Shawn as HBK brought Big Daddy Cool Diesel into the World Wrestling Federation, beginning a friendship that would change the course of the whole company.
Shawn and Diesel, known together as “2 Dudes with Attitudes”, would become very successful in a very short time period. After Shawn dropped the IC title to Razor Ramon in their excellent ladder match, Shawn took a break from the ring while Diesel would go on to defeat Razor for the belt. When Shawn got back in the ring, he and Diesel won the Tag Team titles. The Kliq was now in full force, and the group of friends worked with eachother while keeping the WWF’s title belts in the possession. This video looks at this whole era.
To continue Shawn's career after this video, check out HBK in 1995 here:
00:00 - Shawn’s House Show schedule after WrestleMania 8
04:23 - Shawn Michaels vs Rick Martel at SummerSlam 1992
05:42 - HBK wins the IC Championship
07:16 - Sensational Sherri leaves Shawn Michaels
10:10 - Diesel debuts in the WWF
11:58 - The WrestleMania X Ladder Match
13:25 - Problems with Diesel and HBK
- Much More!
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  1. Zipporah Nthenya
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    Tommy Pearson
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  5. Nata Boy
    Nata Boy
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    Mate your Biographies NEVER fail to entertain me,Thanks for doing what you do it's great nostalgia and awesome narrating,stuff like this takes me back to when I was a kid watching it 👌👍✌

  6. Markk Hardaway
    Markk Hardaway
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    This was my favorite HBK during this era

  7. gall01019
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    Regardless of his behind the scenes antics, “losing his smile”, and every other negative blow against his legacy, HBK’s still my all-time favourite wrestler.. And Sherri’s my female HBK.. What a talent she was. What a woman. There has never been another female wrestling talent that has come even remotely close to her greatness and especially with the crop of female wrestlers in modern wrestling, they could never wear her thongs or lace her boots..

  8. L.S. Wrestling
    L.S. Wrestling
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    Mark From Hungary
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  12. Darnell Darden
    Darnell Darden
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    HBK doesn’t get enough credit for how great his makeover was after he left the Rockers. The theme music, the attitude, the move set and most importantly the wardrobe all fit him perfectly once he got started as a singles competitor

  13. at3479
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    And to think it all started for Shawn when Marty tried to dive thru the window to escape in the Barbershop segment...what a cowardly act

  14. Uncle Nurgle
    Uncle Nurgle
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    I'm not a huge HBK fan - but he jobbed to main eventers like Savage and Bret Hart plenty, and then jobbed to SC when it was time to pass the torch.

  15. Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius
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  16. Randyman Maximus
    Randyman Maximus
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  19. Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer
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    Shawn michaels and Sherri were awesome duo in the early 90s especially they break up and brought diesel as his bodyguard

  20. Mad Martigen
    Mad Martigen
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    Ancient Chi
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  22. Ancient Chi
    Ancient Chi
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    Nigel Thorpe
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    Sen meew and Shauwn Michaels with sherry
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    Machete 87
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  32. Jarren Mckenna
    Jarren Mckenna
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    Jared Crabtree
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  34. Jared Crabtree
    Jared Crabtree
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    As a kid I always wondered how all those wrestlers grew their hair so long¿.. Now being an adult I realize they had mullets and rat tails and just let it all grow in 80/90’s hair was ridiculous lol 😂

  35. Fattietubbs
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    When Marty won the IC belt from Shawn this was Vince punishing him for getting Marty fired by saying he was on drugs when he just fell asleep in the lockerroom. Mr Perfect was talking to Vince in his talent agent role months later and it came up and Perfect told Vince the truth and Vince got REALLY hot at Shawn.

  36. Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke
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    steven imeson
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  38. Rob Picken
    Rob Picken
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  39. Bobbywoodhogan
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  40. Bobbywoodhogan
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  41. Scott McCullough
    Scott McCullough
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  42. Sean Reyes
    Sean Reyes
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    Hbk is the wrestler that made me fall in love with wrestling.This exact time(92-94)clicked this video so fast lol

  43. Barry Michaels
    Barry Michaels
    Muaj më parë

    Moving onto the 1996 legendary Iron Man match WM12 Shawn defeated Bret to become the WWE Champion.

  44. Barry Michaels
    Barry Michaels
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    💔HBK💔 is one of the most talented wrestlers you'll ever see.

    1. Igor Ivanov
      Igor Ivanov
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      Simply one of the best! Along with Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid. Quality talent like that is too few and far between.

  45. Jason Huntley
    Jason Huntley
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    i have been looking for that bret vs shawn 1992 ladder match for yrs has anyone found it yet or uploaded it and if so plse do it it rare

  46. Mrs Voorhees
    Mrs Voorhees
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    I liked HBK's heel turn but I didnt like this early shawn michaels at all. I never watched his matches. I thought he was pretty boring. He didn't win me over until around 97.

  47. Pika Poo
    Pika Poo
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  48. Anthony Hardy
    Anthony Hardy
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  50. Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris
    Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris
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    Man, Nash doesn't get nearly enough credit for the way he sold Shawn's superkick at Survivor Series. Also, I'll go to my grave defending Jannetty and his what could've been a great feud with Michaels. I'm an unironically unabashed Marty Jannetty fan. Unfortunately, he was apparently his own worst enemy away from the ring, though.

  51. ManNamedEd
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  59. Jerome Doyle
    Jerome Doyle
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  60. Chris Terry
    Chris Terry
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    Who's this KAVIN NASH or BRAD HART you speak of? 😂😂

  61. MrTonyForever
    Muaj më parë

    HBK is one of those weird anomalies in wrestling, a tale of two careers if you will. As much as I love the man who came back for his 2002-2010 run I despise the little prick we had in 1995-1998 who really got his beginnings in 1993, The frustrating thing about Shawn is that he really was that good in the ring, it was his backstage antics is what soured him and it didn't help that Vince McMahon was so "Ambiguously" enamored with the guy.

  62. Mal Ant
    Mal Ant
    Muaj më parë

    His very first original theme before sexy boy was quite haunting and definitely didn't suit his character (it wasn't used for long too be honest). It was in the same mould as the mounties original music theme before he started using the vocalised theme "I'm the mountie"

  63. John Demler
    John Demler
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    The 15 people who gave a thumbs down are all related to Marty Jennetty.

  64. imogen aris
    imogen aris
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    Shawn was one of those talents who was already a main event performer while still booked as a mid carder. Ironically, Diesel became double champion & WWF champion before Shawn. God! Sherri ( R.I.P. ) was so beautiful here & every stage of her career. Though her later makeup was used to enhance her Scary Sherri character, it would have been nice if she kept this softer look, very innocent yet still fiery. Miss you

  65. Aj's Gaming
    Aj's Gaming
    Muaj më parë

    great vid but you kind of glossed over a few details and missed some matches. 1. hbk was meant to win the ic title from hart at summerslam b4 they switch to Wembley and changed it to Bulldog. 2.Mr Perfect got involved what helped Jenetty win. 3.when hbk won the ic belt bk he defended the ic belt vs Crush at King of the ring 93 and this was the 1st time we had seen nash on wwe tv. 4 on a maina taping tag champs hbk and nash defeated razor and 123 kid in a fantastic tag match with some excellent work from hbk after he kicked nash with a superkick (for the 2nd time) iam surprised you did not mention this as the 3 sweet chin musics was the whole story of them breaking up (one at summerslam, one at the maina tag team match and the final one at s.series)

  66. PhillyBoombasto
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    Sometimes I click for the theme song alone

  67. AdahBombdon1287
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  68. benix 0918
    benix 0918
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    Damn I love Shawn Michaels old days he was such a pure heel and he said played the role of a narcissist so perfectly in 92 and 93 I hope he would have continued that gimmick more damn no wonder why Shawn is one of the greatest of all time he can pull up anything that he’s given to work with damn he’s really the G.O.A.T

  69. Fat Cat
    Fat Cat
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    kingofkings69ner jr
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  71. kingofkings69ner jr
    kingofkings69ner jr
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  72. Linard McCormick
    Linard McCormick
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    Александр Деркач
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    Chris Black
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    Chris Black
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    1. W P
      W P
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      WWE propaganda. Stampede Wrestling was doing them in the 80s. That's where Bret got the idea. His dad Stu was the promoter.

    Muaj më parë

    we need 2 episode from reliving the war in week

  89. UnHolyWible
    Muaj më parë

    it's kind of weird that during this time period every title changed hands during a house show involving Shawn and Diesel. Shawn wins the IC title from Marty, Shawn and Diesel win the tag belts from the headshrinkers and of course Diesel wins the WWF title from backlund.

  90. Blade
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  92. Vinh Duong
    Vinh Duong
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    Loved early HBK's heel work. It was unique in that he did all the heelish mannerisms and tactics, but at the same time, mixed in his phenomenal athleticism and gazelle like movements in the ring. It made people hate him for being cocky but you had to admit he was hard to keep your eyes off of him. He took a lot of Flair & Mr Perfect, and was able to create his own style that showcased his unlimited abilities in the ring.

  93. MrMarcodarko
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  94. Michael Gregory Matterson II
    Michael Gregory Matterson II
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    Keke Edordu
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    15:48 "Diesel was going to win the WWF championship." *What a pittance!*

  97. comfortablynumblbg
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    Why didn't ya mention Shawn making it to the final four in the royal rumble match in 1994? I always thought that was amazing back then. Granted, I was a kid, but still. Anyways, great video brother

    1. comfortablynumblbg
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      @Lex Kanyima Yes sir. It was.

    2. Lex Kanyima
      Lex Kanyima
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      It's a solid final 4

    Muaj më parë

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    Bopper Studio
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