The Story of The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness

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By late 1998, The Undertaker was established as one of the WWF's most popular superstars. Having been with the company since 1990 and having some of the WWF's most prolific, well remembered matches, The Undertaker already had legendary status as the Attitude Era went into full swing. Undertaker, however, felt it was time to try something different.
It's been well documentend that The Undertaker has had some incredible success with updating his gimmick, adding layers to the Undertaker character has allowed the gimmick to continue on through multiple eras. In late 1998, in the midst of being one of the most popular and beloved wrestlers in the WWF, The Undertaker turned heel. Realigning himself with Paul Bearer, The Undertaker promised to bring destruction to the WWF. To aid him in his quest, The Undertaker introduced the world to his Ministry of Darkness.
This mini documentary from Wrestling Bios takes a look at The Undertaker and The Ministry of Darkness. Topics covered include:
01:27 - The Undertaker turns heel at Judgment Day 1998
05:59 - Kane meets the Undertaker once again at Survivor Series 1998
06:39 - The Undertaker abducts Stone Cold Steve Austin from hospital
10:23 - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker at Rock Bottom
11:45 - The Acolytes and Mideon join forces with The Undertaker
15:06 - The Brood join The Ministry of Darkness
17:15 - The Ministry of Darkness begin feuding with The Corporation
21:33 - The Undertaker goes after Stephanie McMahon
- Much More!
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  1. kush 250
    kush 250
    33 minuta më parë

    Ministry of darkness > corporate ministry

  2. Tee Vee
    Tee Vee
    Ditë më parë

    My fav undertaker

  3. Albert Shaffir
    Albert Shaffir
    6 ditë më parë

    How can the 90s not be the best era ever

  4. Tiberio Saraceno
    Tiberio Saraceno
    7 ditë më parë

    Amazing. Best story yet. This was the absolute peak of Vince Russo's creative genius.

  5. Nakatomi Uk
    Nakatomi Uk
    11 ditë më parë

    Hasn't Taker gone in record saying he hated this part of his character might have been the corporate ministry part

  6. fuzzycatears
    15 ditë më parë

    Quite possibly the best storyline in wrestling.

  7. Grand Master Mario
    Grand Master Mario
    19 ditë më parë

    They were the most powerful force in WWE history and out of the original 8 stars in the original ministry 4 of them later became world champions Bradshaw Christian edge and of course the undertaker they were cruel sinister dominant and later successful and some big stars

  8. EveryChoiceWeMake EchoesEternity
    EveryChoiceWeMake EchoesEternity
    20 ditë më parë

    While most people had Austin or Rock as their favorite wrestler, mine was The Undertaker. The Undertaker is the greatest character in WWF/WWE history I.M.O. We have other characters like Mankind, and Kane or matches like Hell In A Cell, Buried Alive and more all thanks to The Undertaker.

  9. TêamJÔRDAN0018
    22 ditë më parë

    No matter how heel taker is people still love him he never good boo

  10. J. Herman Armstrong
    J. Herman Armstrong
    24 ditë më parë

    Sorry not with that eyebrow ring

  11. Tollah Tv ferkah
    Tollah Tv ferkah
    25 ditë më parë

    28:23 😂😂😂😂😈

  12. Dumisani Daniel Manganye
    Dumisani Daniel Manganye
    28 ditë më parë

    The MOD was basically a combination of the shield and nexus, had the raw dominant power of the shield and the numbers like the nexus

  13. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy
    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy
    28 ditë më parë

    Why he sounds like Drew From Raw

  14. Dimka Sulegna
    Dimka Sulegna
    Muaj më parë

    that intro though…

  15. Wrestling 3:16
    Wrestling 3:16
    Muaj më parë

    Man! Whoever was in charge of booking & creative in 1998 and The Attitude Era needs to save this generation of WWF/E

  16. Wrestling 3:16
    Wrestling 3:16
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    Yeooo This Video Gave Me Chills! I Love The Background Music! Keep Grinding Bro!

  17. Wrestling 3:16
    Wrestling 3:16
    Muaj më parë

    This Undertaker is awesome!

  18. TheVulture Kingdra
    TheVulture Kingdra
    Muaj më parë

    kinda curious about the remix for the ministry song that was used in the intro

  19. eugenechelseafc89
    Muaj më parë

    The earlier version of the undertaker was more of a lifeless deadman walking who just came out of his grave whilst under the control of supernatural forces in the urn carried by Paul Bearer. However, the ministry of darkness version was more of a satanic priest like character which I felt that it drifted away from original concept of the undertaker gimmick.

  20. Ronnie Beumkes
    Ronnie Beumkes
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  21. Lee James
    Lee James
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    Evil mideon would soon be reborn naked mideon

  22. Lance Gilmore
    Lance Gilmore
    Muaj më parë

    EC3’s TNA career would make a great video

  23. Aizen bo
    Aizen bo
    Muaj më parë

    Taker was so silly in that era .

  24. R. Zellars Films
    R. Zellars Films
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  25. Lex Luther
    Lex Luther
    Muaj më parë

    Most badass entrance theme ever!!!

  26. EJ Land
    EJ Land
    Muaj më parë

    When I was a kid watching this I felt all the build up and supernatural elements left Shane as the higher power. I always thought that Shane was seeking to usurp his Dad by using the Ministry and giving them all the info of where Stephanie was. Sadly I was wrong. I always thought an ambitious son made a lot of sense in this story but it was still great tv to watch

  27. WhiteOut Entertainment
    WhiteOut Entertainment
    Muaj më parë

    I never understood the teddy bear bit.. was it supposed to be vinces teddy bear or something? and if so why.. lmao

  28. MysticMike91
    Muaj më parë

    Undertaker was a scary man when I was 10 but crow sting used to give me nightmares

  29. hothotheat3000
    Muaj më parë

    He was at his peak in terms of intimidation factor. I was so scared of him. When he kidnapped Stephanie, I was convinced he was going to kill her!

  30. HBK22071980
    Muaj më parë

    Resident Evil Code Veronica

  31. HBK22071980
    Muaj më parë

    Resident Evil 1 Music in the Background

  32. Corey Abell
    Corey Abell
    Muaj më parë

    Where’s 1999

  33. Thomas Kia
    Thomas Kia
    2 muaj më parë

    Wow great story.

  34. Nidal Al Saleh
    Nidal Al Saleh
    2 muaj më parë

    resident evil music

  35. Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!
    Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!
    2 muaj më parë

    Favorite Undertaker of all-time Welcome to the dark side

  36. Tyler Pemberton
    Tyler Pemberton
    2 muaj më parë

    Why didn't wwe get in trouble for "crucifying" Steve austin but raven and ecw did when they done it. Even had to go back out and say sorry. It was alot cooler than this anyways imo

  37. ML R
    ML R
    2 muaj më parë

    Story of the Corporation is long overdue... Nice video though 👍

  38. Ghost Rider Fire
    Ghost Rider Fire
    2 muaj më parë

    what is the theme song ? at the begin of the video

    2 muaj më parë

    I wanna see a few videos with how Stephanie Weber from the undertaker storyline to helping triple h and turning heel.

  40. HereIsWisdom 1318
    HereIsWisdom 1318
    2 muaj më parë

    I LOVED this Undertaker version. A lot of ppl dont, and i really don’t understand why.

  41. GamerDomain
    2 muaj më parë

    Am I the only one who noticed that the music from the Clock Tower in Resident Evil 3 is being used in this vid? ...oh and music from Code Veronica! It's all fitting.

  42. Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith
    2 muaj më parë

    I loved when you used resident evil music in ears immediately perked up when I heard that. Awesome

  43. Sunny Sammy
    Sunny Sammy
    2 muaj më parë

    And then they ruined the whole storyline by making Vince the higher power.

  44. Thabiso Ndlovu
    Thabiso Ndlovu
    2 muaj më parë

    lol you

  45. Daniel _
    Daniel _
    2 muaj më parë

    The closest the undercarder came to drawing a dime was when he was running this stable.

  46. 1mr. ds
    1mr. ds
    2 muaj më parë

    Does any one remembers the day vince sent the locker room to attack the ministry

  47. M g
    M g
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  48. Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis
    2 muaj më parë

    This entire Ministry of Darkness run needs it's own DVD set. I'd buy that in a second.

  49. walentkane69
    2 muaj më parë

    Best Undertaker ever and one of the best periods of pro wrestling

  50. Patrick Peralta
    Patrick Peralta
    2 muaj më parë

    and when the Ministry of Darkness and the Corporation joined together the Higher power was revieled and well we all know who it responce...............NOOOO we don't know .....who was it? LOL

  51. Patrick Peralta
    Patrick Peralta
    2 muaj më parë

    I loved the Ministry of Darkness. I did not like the Corporate Ministry Vince's Corporate group was not needed.

  52. Rob Jones-Bagley
    Rob Jones-Bagley
    2 muaj më parë

    90s was the best decade of wrestling

  53. funnyman 007
    funnyman 007
    2 muaj më parë

    What the chips in bag see before I eat them 1:31

  54. J Dizzy
    J Dizzy
    2 muaj më parë

    21:45 Shane's a fan of the people's champ

  55. Deadpool
    2 muaj më parë

    You completely left out the part where Undertaker demanded that Stone Cold deliver the papers, Vince begged Austin and Austin refused, but he later did help Stephanie.

  56. T Mac
    T Mac
    2 muaj më parë

    3:50 Paul bearer had no use for Kane and they played him like a baby. WWE dropped the ball because this would’ve been a perfect time for a Kane to bring back the urn so all 3 can be on 1 page

  57. DeadByFriday
    2 muaj më parë

    “The lord of darkness”

  58. Hi I'm Despot
    Hi I'm Despot
    2 muaj më parë

    Taker sounds exactly like Freddy Kruger when he says "where to Stephanie " @28:22

  59. Scott Roland
    Scott Roland
    2 muaj më parë

    Best story line.

  60. Sam Cordes
    Sam Cordes
    2 muaj më parë

    I think my favourite entrace theme song is called now that we,er dead by Metallica is sums up the Character as the American badass

  61. Chaos It
    Chaos It
    3 muaj më parë

    That intro with SOAD featuring in Taker's video is the best thing I could ask for.

  62. Kroos Kontrol
    Kroos Kontrol
    3 muaj më parë

    What a stable that was... it was good, could’ve been way better had they not mixed up the Ministry with the Corporation, IMO

  63. Scott Marsh
    Scott Marsh
    3 muaj më parë

    So it was ok for undertaker to crucify Steve Austen but raven went to far with Sandman... BTW Sandman didn't want Raven to apologise and Sandman built the cross that was used to crucify him.

  64. kyle stoddart
    kyle stoddart
    3 muaj më parë

    the reason i subscribe ty

  65. Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry
    3 muaj më parë

    This sounds like a Mr. Nightmare horror story. I love it, Fantastic

  66. Xavier Jackson
    Xavier Jackson
    3 muaj më parë

    If the American Badass which came after both ministries (this and corporate ) ended was Taker at his most white meatish face. This is Taker at his most villainous and wicked.. ny 2nd and 3rd favorite versions are Yon and yang of each other . (The O.G. Taker that kicked it off will always be my favorite)

  67. Niall Reilly
    Niall Reilly
    3 muaj më parë

    30 years off the Deadman

  68. weedle weedle
    weedle weedle
    3 muaj më parë

    The best storyline in WWF/WWE history!! Undertaker is the greatest! This gimmick of him scared tf outta me !

  69. Fill Gollins der großartiche Meddler
    Fill Gollins der großartiche Meddler
    3 muaj më parë

    Can you do a video about all Paul Bearer betrayals? Should be as many as Big Show heel/face turns ...

  70. He's a Modernaire
    He's a Modernaire
    3 muaj më parë

    Please tell me there's a video with the remixed Undertaker music played in the beginning...

  71. Daniel Albi
    Daniel Albi
    3 muaj më parë


  72. Konagh Brennan
    Konagh Brennan
    3 muaj më parë

    Thank you for your time please keep your good work up brilliant intake 👍

  73. Troll Life
    Troll Life
    3 muaj më parë

    Hands down my favorite version of Taker. The look, the music, the gimmick

  74. Evil666D
    3 muaj më parë

    Just wanted to let you know that Taker's brother's name is Kane, not Keeon. Same as with Vince's son, who is called Shane, not Sheeon.

  75. Tyrrell Hueston
    Tyrrell Hueston
    3 muaj më parë

    this may have been undertakers peak , not character wise but top of his game and pure evil

  76. The Rock
    The Rock
    3 muaj më parë

    My favorite undertaker theme 🔥

  77. J-ROC
    3 muaj më parë

    Perfect narration & atmosphere. 5 *'s

  78. Big Tatsu
    Big Tatsu
    3 muaj më parë

    Taker represented the embodiment of death. I loved this version of him.

  79. Talia al Ghul
    Talia al Ghul
    3 muaj më parë

    This was Peak-Undertaker IMO. Undertaker was damned near pure evil here.

  80. Carlos DeLara
    Carlos DeLara
    3 muaj më parë

    Duuude what if they make a story line in which some of the guys that used to hold the torches follow up his legacy. And they follow orders of the Undertaker. And now the Undertaker is not wrestling anymore but he will be like the pope of darkness

  81. edwardelric880
    3 muaj më parë

    The first 45 seconds of this was a pleasant surprise. I never would've expected the vocals from Chop Suey to work with the Ministry theme as well as they do.

  82. Levino Sims
    Levino Sims
    3 muaj më parë

    You my friend JUST EARNED A SUBSCRIBER! Undertaker is my # 1 favorite wrestler and this gimmick and theme song was so amazing!

  83. M M
    M M
    3 muaj më parë

    I loved him my favorite

  84. jax stiffler
    jax stiffler
    3 muaj më parë

    Corporate Ministry ruined the darkness. they should have brought kevin sullivan in

  85. Matthew Loughlin
    Matthew Loughlin
    4 muaj më parë

    My man from n ire

  86. oliver kloshoph
    oliver kloshoph
    4 muaj më parë

    Second viewing of this. I asked for it for months before it came out.... ... Now I want an icp in wrestling video... And a JCW video

  87. metalgamer83
    4 muaj më parë

    Can you do a video about Bradshaw's transition from Acolyte to JBL?

  88. JayGottiMaseratiiVEVO
    4 muaj më parë

    This was my favorite version of Taker he was like A satanist and a rockstar loved it

  89. battlestarmarc
    4 muaj më parë

    Undertaker was great as a team with Jake the snake . Ministry of Darkness was his best gimmick and should have lasted longer.

  90. Jay Lew
    Jay Lew
    4 muaj më parë

    I had stopped watching wrestlin around this time. When I go back and watch what took place during that time, I can sorta get behind takers American badass gimmick, but this one with all the ministry of darkness with the kidnapping and forced marrige, sorta of turned the undertaker into a soap opera star for the 1st time

  91. dead account
    dead account
    4 muaj më parë

    He didn't really say "now you will learn why you are afraid of the dark" did he? Because that's almost a exact quote from James earl Jones's character Thulsa Doom in Conan the barbarian. Just a coincidence I'm sure. For those unaware. He was a robe clad immortal cult leader. With two big ass henchmen that...did.. his....bidding. Okay so we have another gimmick completely stolen from a movie.

  92. Cuba Pete
    Cuba Pete
    4 muaj më parë

    Ministry of Darkness 'Taker was epic!

  93. Jo Rode
    Jo Rode
    5 muaj më parë

    best story line

  94. Boss Key
    Boss Key
    5 muaj më parë

    1998-2001 was the greatest 3 year span in the WWE/WWF's history, during this time you had three main guys who were all at the peaks of their wrestling careers. Stone Cold, The Rock, and The Undertaker. This is the era that Taker went from being a main draw, to being THE DRAW on the card. It was the absolute best gimmick, at the best time, for the perfect performer. This is when Taker went from being the Deadman, to being the Phenom. The best of the best. It will never be this good again, and I am so appreciative of the fact I got to experience every minute of it. Good times

  95. J McCain
    J McCain
    5 muaj më parë

    It would have been cool to see the brood have a story line similar to kane's but they could have been takers cousins from hell or something..then they can always make appearances like the way Dx does

  96. J McCain
    J McCain
    5 muaj më parë

    The way they had heel vs heel while still going against the baby face was genius

  97. HuviOf 1800
    HuviOf 1800
    5 muaj më parë

    Ministry of Darkness was to represent secret societies and the Illuminati.

  98. Victory!
    5 muaj më parë

    You mean "hower power"

  99. Orlando Ordas Jr
    Orlando Ordas Jr
    5 muaj më parë

    The goat 🐐 🙌 undertaker stone cold & the rock pass the torch to John cena when he took over WWE in 05

  100. Martin Roebuck
    Martin Roebuck
    5 muaj më parë

    What if Kane joined The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness back in the Attitude Era as the brothers were both dark characters?