The Story of LWO: Latino World Order

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While the nWo were getting featured in the main event spots of WCW, the cruiserweights and luchadores of World Championship Wrestling were widely considered as the true workers of the company. Guys like Rey Mysterio Jr., Psychosis, La Parka and Eddie Guerrero were putting on fantastic, breath-taking matches on a weekly basis while guys like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash grabbed huge paychecks for doing very little in the main event scene.
A meeting between Eric Bischoff and Eddie Guerrero would lead to Eddie creating the LWO, the Latino World Order. The idea behind LWO was a group of Mexican superstars who were overlooked by Eric Bischoff and WCW. Eddie would say that Bischoff was paying the luchadores of WCW peanuts in order to wrestle eachother, and on top of this, the young stars of WCW were unable to break into a controlled main event picture. The LWO would rally together to fight back, and the faction set their sights on recruiting Rey Mysterio to complete their goal.
This video looks at the entire LWO run in WCW. Topics covered include:
00:00 - WCW cruiserweights are overlooked by Eric Bischoff
03:16 - Eddie's worked shoot promo on WCW Nitro
06:11 - The LWO is formed
08:48 - New members are added to the LWO
11:20 - Rey Mysterio and the LWO
14:15 - Starrcade 1998 and the Cruiserweight Championship
17:27 - The End of the Latino World Order
- Much More!
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  1. Chevon Gantt
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    We need a Filthy Animals bio!!

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    Holy drip Juventud Guerrera

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    What makes Eddie Latino and not White

  4. Puerto Riconnect
    Puerto Riconnect
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    The network has one of the worst search engines. I searched Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio and it comes up with all these matches that don’t even have Eddie in it. The match I eventually found was on a December 21st, 1998 episode of Nitro.

  5. mrmoose6619
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    I think you've done every "Wo" except for the best... the bWo. Got to do that story... they were my favorite... and if this was made, a side bar into the parodies of "The Earl of Eating" and "Lord Stevie", "Baron Von Stevie and Bluedust (with Patricia)" and "The Heart Attack Kid" and "Big Daddy Fool" Ethyl...

  6. The Beyonder
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    Viva la raza

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    🔥🔥🔥 this the Real Golden age

  8. Mike Conner
    Mike Conner
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    When the cruiserweights stop wrestling after the first hour. I always changed to the wwf. WCW Cruiserweight division had the most exciting form of wrestling I have ever seen. Only thing that comes close to me is the Dudley/edge & Christan/Hardy boys tlc matches.

  9. Joseph cain
    Joseph cain
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    Viva laraza

  10. Chad Tabor
    Chad Tabor
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    Tbh I'm STILL NWO! While the likes of Hogan Hall and Vincent don't even represent NWO any more!! Thought we were NWO 4 LYFE FELLOWS!!! Guess that only applies to ME!

  11. 41Fivin
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    RIP Eddie Guerrero 🇲🇽

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    Ese Vato

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  14. A.c. Harsh
    A.c. Harsh
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    Wow Eric sent Eddie to njpw. It must've been nice for eddie to see what a working for a real wrestling promoter was like

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    Bruh Latino world order and blue world order my favorite organization

  16. Huy Phan Gia
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    I don't know why but Eddie looked like the angry version of Luigi because of his mullet hair and his moustache.

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    Im here for eddie

  18. Jermaine Martinez
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    Juventude Sold Out I'm surprised LWO didn't feud with Konnan.

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    I love your channel, man. All info, no BS. keep it up! #subscribed

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    Rest in peace Eddie the #LWO was more significant than the NWO or the red and black because it stood for something.

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    Eddie Guerrero too, was a killer!

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    rey misterio was HUge.

  23. Thomas Estrada
    Thomas Estrada
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    If i ever properly break into the business one of my dreams is bringing a different version of the LWO to life. I wasnt alive when it was going on but later found out about it & loved it. Loved what Eddie was doing bc he genuinely cared for other talent. GOAT !

  24. DJ-OG1
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    LWO would have been a great faction. WCW had a lot of luchadors signed at the time. They could have had a great rivalry with the NWO. Which is probably why they killed the LWO. Because they wanted the NWO to be big and popular, and didn't want it to tank ahead of time.

  25. tim mutohfan
    tim mutohfan
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    Adding El Dandy and Hypnosis is a license to print money.

  26. Kroos Kontrol
    Kroos Kontrol
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    LOVED this stable. Was hoping WWE did something similar with all the Mexican-Mexican Americans they now have in the roster.... Rey, Kalisto, Andrade, Garza, Lince(although not Mexican), and many more

  27. MrJoe Fixxit
    MrJoe Fixxit
    2 muaj më parë

    Lwo was the only splinter group that worked for me

  28. Switchlitefootageee
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    Back when mfrs we're not afraid to be Latino!! I love Eddie as much hate as his people gets nowadays I know he would be a catalyst for change in our community

  29. Dylon Burnett
    Dylon Burnett
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    Basically saying Latino lives matter

  30. Munah
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    This is amazing!!! Thank you for this!

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    then ray Beat Nash on nitro

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  34. Imfrombmf thomas
    Imfrombmf thomas
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  35. Hector Patino
    Hector Patino
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    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero

  38. Dr Phot
    Dr Phot
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    Man the LWO was amazing and too short-lived... Also, that huge t-shirt bit for Rey was hilariously geniuses!

  39. Brian Snyder's Buddy Cavalcade
    Brian Snyder's Buddy Cavalcade
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    Could you please do bWo?

  40. Matt Ringer
    Matt Ringer
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    I don’t remember Eddie’s mullet being so huge.

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    Mark Giallo
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    Would have worked had they not call it the LWO that was shooting itself in the foot and head

  43. James Stinedurf
    James Stinedurf
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    and then Eddie came back pissed off at everyone that abandoned the LWO

  44. Jay 429
    Jay 429
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    watch some there matches - some of the best wrestling you will see they were awesome!

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    Wrestling Bios, OWN

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    Heel WCW Eddie Guerrero was his best version in his entire career.

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    NWO killed LWO

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    I never liked Rey Mysterio

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    I still cruise my LWO shirt in 2020. ARRIBA LA RAZA!

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    La Parka is my spirit animal.

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    Miss Eddie R.I.P

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    Ghost lord
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    El Dandy was the Mexican lou ferrigno La RAZA

  55. Podcast Of Champions
    Podcast Of Champions
    4 muaj më parë

    It's weird, because the entire story didn't pay off what the group supposedly got together for. They didn't start main eventing. I suppose Eddie eventually made it to the main event in the WWF, and of course Rey got big, but nobody else ever mattered.

  56. Ozzy Morrison
    Ozzy Morrison
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    it was the best wrestling of all time, highest form and level...cant be compared with todays boring trash

  60. Matthew Nunez
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    This puts a tear in my eye. RiP Eddie. 915

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    L.W.O. Forever

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    the best wrestling channel, and awesome video on the LWO

  63. Mark Wolkotte
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    I loved LWO it should have lasted longer and should have completely taken over nWo

  64. Michael Morales
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    Viva la Raza

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  72. Dregs
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    i'm not gonna lie, if the LWO went to njpw and wrestled there as well, the LWO would of lasted longer

  73. Marcus the WWE fan09
    Marcus the WWE fan09
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    Latinos 4 life brother

  74. Miroslav Tomic
    Miroslav Tomic
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    Many years later both Eddie and Bischoff confirmed that the coffee incident was purely accidental and that Bischoff didn't do it on purpose.

  75. JLvatron
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    I like Eric Bischoff adding reality and Eddie getting more mic time, but the LWO had little entertainment value. They should have given more of the newbies a chance, while pushing the proven entertainers like La Parka. The best part about the LWO was them getting destroyed by the nWo, and them causing K-Dogg to get kicked out.

  76. j n
    j n
    4 muaj më parë

    20+ years later and American companies (minus Lucha Underground which no longer exist) still have how to book and promote latin Wrestlers

  77. Delain124
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    This is part of the reason why WCW failed. It should have been pushing younger talent. By just pushing older guys again and again it was part of what killed WCW.

  78. BRofessor87
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    la parka in wcw was a classic

  79. Bruh moment
    Bruh moment
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  80. Jhc
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    Even as a kid, I always watched some of the “Crusierweights” thinking to myself “how is he a cruiserweight? “.

  81. Andrew Perez
    Andrew Perez
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    The LWO wasn't given the proper attention it deserved. If Triple H and Vince were smart they would bring this faction back with Andrade, Angel Garza, Kalisto, Lince Durado, Gran Metalik and other hispanic superstars

  82. projectBRD
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    Loved when nWo finally confronted the lWo. And Rey refusing to take the shirt off, even though he didn’t want to join the group in the first place. Then Konnan trying to help Rey and getting kicked out of the nWo. Such good writing!

  83. LegalizeSpaceWeed2020
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    Seeing the rift between Juvi and his dad is sad :(

  84. Gzus peterson
    Gzus peterson
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    Psycosis and la parka were 2 of the best luchadores

  85. Oscar Villarreal
    Oscar Villarreal
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    Some wrestlers quit WCW during the NWO era and went to WWF. It would have been ok but WCW over did the NWO members. Everyone in WCW was NWO, it became lame. It should have just been limited amount of wrestlers.

  86. El Chicho Santana
    El Chicho Santana
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    I hope they hire Chico Santana as executive consultant. And Chico will teach them the Art of Jobbing matches. What a poor Loser Chico was!

  87. daysErlock
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  88. John Limas
    John Limas
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    What a wonderful story of Eddie putting Rey over. Eddie Guerrero was, is, and will always be my favorite wrestler of all time.

  89. Paul Hensley
    Paul Hensley
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    with wcw's weird amounts of racism backstage the l.w.o seems more "real" than the nwo imo

  90. Super John
    Super John
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    Konnan should have joined since he is a former Mexican Heavyweight champ.

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    LWO was the dagger in the heart to the whole NWO angle. It was desperate and uncreative. THIS is why WCW was never better than WWF.

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  99. Horror Fan 4-Life
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    So long story short the L.W.O did absolutely nothing and got nobody over. WCW couldn't do anything right and had so much talent.

  100. Squishy Cat
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