Reliving The War Special: Episode 21.5 - WCW Nitro 12th Feb 1996

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Reliving The War is a weekly show where we take a look at each Monday Night TV ratings battle that took place between WCW Nitro and WWF Raw. Each week, every Raw and Nitro is compared head to head to see which show was really the best.
This is a special episode where we take a look at an unopposed episode of WCW Nitro from the 12th of February 1996. On this episode, Hulk Hogan takes on Arn Anderson in the main event. Other superstars who make an appearance include Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Konnan, Miss Elizabeth and Woman. We also take a look at the WCW Superbrawl VI and WWF In Your House 6 PPV results, getting us all caught up for next weeks Raw vs Nitro battle.
00:00 - WCW SuperBrawl 6 Results
04:24 - WWF In Your House 6 Results
06:48 - Hugh Morrus vs Randy Savage
10:13 - Loch Ness in action & Ric F;air's promo
12:44 - Devon Storm vs Konnan
14:30 - The WCW Nitro Main Event
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  1. Piyush Sethi
    Piyush Sethi
    4 muaj më parë

    RIP road warrior animal 🙏

    1. VJose32 Playing Cards
      VJose32 Playing Cards
      3 ditë më parë

      @CellGames And a bunch others from WCW.

    2. Poor in spirit
      Poor in spirit
      4 muaj më parë

      "Seek the LORD while he may be found, call upon him while he is near" Isaiah 55:6

    3. Glen Ferns
      Glen Ferns
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    4. Breaking in Vain
      Breaking in Vain
      4 muaj më parë


    5. CellGames
      4 muaj më parë

      Yeah and Woman Miss Liz and Mean Gene. Crazy how all three at 11:38 are gone.

  2. PPKNexus
    9 ditë më parë

    A really odd thing to point out, but it's interesting.............This is WCW's second Nitro in a row from the Tampa Bay Area. The previous week Nitro was out of Lakeland Florida which is 30mins east of Tampa, and this week is out of St. Pete which is 15mins west. Very odd scheduling decision, and I'm wondering if there was a specific reason for it. Or maybe this was just because during the early era of Nitro's existence, WCW did almost exclusively major cities out of the south.

  3. tim Roberts
    tim Roberts
    19 ditë më parë

    No score? What happens with unopposed shows?

  4. Jordan Dupont
    Jordan Dupont
    Muaj më parë

    Can you explain to those of us here in the U.S. how in the world HAYSTACKS was such a $$$ Draw in the U.K. ? Was it just a different time period mixed with the right place, time, opponent, etc etc ? HAYSTACKS was quite a big deal over there wasn't HE ? TY. ( P.S. HOGAN was so INSANELY Outta Control at this point. I had forgotten when I was an 8th grader about this time, how much I hated HULK at this time. As a Hulkamaniac growing up, by this time as a teen... The HULKSTER had outgrown his welcome by about 93, here in 1996 is easy to see why he was getting booed outta arenas EVERYWHERE

  5. evrbody
    Muaj më parë

    At In Your House 6, Bret Hart did the unthinkable... He refused to follow the script.

  6. James Thompson
    James Thompson
    Muaj më parë

    yar brother

  7. the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer !
    3 muaj më parë

    Come on now woman I mean they couldn't think of a better fake name

  8. the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer !
    3 muaj më parë

    I tell you a good gimmick for Conan would have been the taco Bell band he could have had a big sombrero you could have a Mexican heavyweight title belt it could have silver tequila bottles going all the way around it and in the middle it can have a big gold burrito and Uncle the centerpiece and he could wear a shirt with a big taco on it says taco Bell bandit and he could give people coupons for taco Bell you know people in the crowd bigger promotional thing they should have tried that the taco Bell he wouldn't need one of them big classic Mexican mustaches

  9. the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer !
    3 muaj më parë

    Give out haystacks a break he's just trying to make a little bit of money for his family before he retires or dies and everyone knows WCW would throw money and almost any wrestler so you can't blame haystacks for wanting to get a piece of that pie

  10. JaredMithrandir
    3 muaj më parë

    I rented this SuperBrawl on VHS a few times when it was already a relic a bygone era and I really enjoyed it, I felt it was a good show.

  11. poopsyko
    3 muaj më parë

    Ric Flairs promo should of been how good those bumps of Cocaine under that sheet was

  12. Thomas Gebhardt
    Thomas Gebhardt
    3 muaj më parë

    Hogans a complete ass.

  13. The Great Awaking 4899
    The Great Awaking 4899
    3 muaj më parë

    The song at the beginning is amazing!

  14. Kyle Cobb
    Kyle Cobb
    3 muaj më parë

    Steve Grissom would end up winning the Daytona Busch series race he was promoting a few weeks after this fyi.

  15. The Cruz
    The Cruz
    4 muaj më parë

    I started watching all the episodes a couple of days ago. Thank you for these episodes very well done. It's done very professionally and I hope you continue to do these.

  16. steven imeson
    steven imeson
    4 muaj më parë

    Pill man rules!!!

  17. RedCometXIII
    4 muaj më parë

    Just for some context, Steve Grissom drove in a league called the NASCAR Busch Series which races stock cars. To be fair, Mean Gene isn't wrong here. NASCAR is huge in Southeastern United States, where WCW was based so there's a lot of crosse over. Turner Broadcasting sponsored Grissom through WCW while they also sponsored other cars through Cartoon Network (which Grissom would eventually drive as well). They would eventually have wrestler specific cars, most notably Goldberg. It's not unlike he wresting monster trucks seen at Halloween Havoc.

  18. Vegeta Carrasquillo
    Vegeta Carrasquillo
    4 muaj më parë

    Man the intro to this series gets me hype every time

  19. Michael.T McLean
    Michael.T McLean
    4 muaj më parë

    You made my teen yrs look really good

  20. Thunderwing88
    4 muaj më parë

    Liz turning heel is the biggest crime in WWF/WCW history.

  21. BRYCEN Stimeling
    BRYCEN Stimeling
    4 muaj më parë

    You should do series other wrestlers like the one you are doing about taker Hbk austin hogan nash hall hhh would be cool

  22. Psychonis
    4 muaj më parë

    Rest in peace, Animal.

  23. Aaron Byrne
    Aaron Byrne
    4 muaj më parë

    Arn Anserson Borstol Boy Shorts

  24. Steven Riggs
    Steven Riggs
    4 muaj më parë

    RIP Animal, love watching this when i just watched both PPV's last night !!

  25. EXCELLENCE KING Johnny Rocket
    EXCELLENCE KING Johnny Rocket
    4 muaj më parë

    Eddie and benoit havent been on nitro in a while

  26. HondaMan Vtec
    HondaMan Vtec
    4 muaj më parë

    The era when they didnt juice up

  27. Clint Hammer
    Clint Hammer
    4 muaj më parë

    ...but who won the Dog Show?

  28. Jessa Phillips
    Jessa Phillips
    4 muaj më parë

    NASCAR and WCW are southern (US) staples from the 90’s. Steve Grissom was right on the money.

  29. Gurziak
    4 muaj më parë

    Wrestling and stock car fans have always been stereotyped together so Grissom wasn't that far off.

  30. Vic Vega
    Vic Vega
    4 muaj më parë

    Back when Liz was hotter than any Nitro girl, fully clothed. RIP Ms. Elizabeth.

  31. evilblackguy
    4 muaj më parë


  32. alanguages
    4 muaj më parë

    Woman (Nancy) and Elizabeth both had a tragic ending. So sad and a large pity.

  33. IronmanM
    4 muaj më parë

    Whats your gt on fh4? Would be a pleasure adding you...I‘m a drifter primary

  34. Brandon Perkins
    Brandon Perkins
    4 muaj më parë

    This is so cool and good times too

  35. Swine-Flew
    4 muaj më parë

    There are plenty of wrestlers that have passed away prematurely over the years, and many had sad endings. But everytime I see Miss Elizabeth, it's extra sad.

  36. LB Bonnie
    LB Bonnie
    4 muaj më parë

    This did not show on my notifications. Subscribed and alerts turned on - BOOO ALfirst.

  37. T-Bag
    4 muaj më parë

    Double A spine buster, awesome move looks cool as hell.

  38. Pipe Picasso
    Pipe Picasso
    4 muaj më parë

    Nice shout out to Crowbar and his Twitter page. It's great Crowbar gave you a compliment on one of your videos.👍

  39. Carlos Dias
    Carlos Dias
    4 muaj më parë

    Its amazing how far Brian (take a chill)Pillman was ahead of hid time .. he had the attitude minded era in his mind b4 anyone really knew what they were trying to do

  40. Sean Abbins
    Sean Abbins
    4 muaj më parë

    Arn Anderson pinning Hogan was a big deal at the time, even if Hogan was getting a lot of offense and there was tons of cheating. You have commented on how strong Hogan got booked. But what you haven't said is he was getting booked that way since 1984 and people who were fans since that time wanted to see him lose desperately. And it was cool to see Anderson beat him, since he wasn't really a main eventer, but a well respected veteran who I always liked and who was kind of under the radar for a lot of his career.

  41. mikel888666
    4 muaj më parë

    Any chance of something like this for ECW in the future? Either a reliving the war against WWE or just something like this episode with no scoring system made into a series. Either would be great

  42. Chase Around The Bar
    Chase Around The Bar
    4 muaj më parë

    Awesome per usual my friend! Great trip

  43. Ty
    4 muaj më parë

    Very impressed by your intro, incredibly professional looking. Not sure when you changed it but props my friend.

  44. Patrick Schulz
    Patrick Schulz
    4 muaj më parë

    I just found this format and I am currently working though the episodes. I love the format. Thanks for your time and work. I really appreciate this view back into the most exciting time in Wrestling in my eyes.

  45. Brian Schroeder
    Brian Schroeder
    4 muaj më parë

    Giant haystack was also well know here in Canada to

  46. Jason Haradyn
    Jason Haradyn
    4 muaj më parë

    Well, Nitro wins this week. LOL.

  47. Dontrel Dontrel
    Dontrel Dontrel
    4 muaj më parë


  48. Gary Good
    Gary Good
    4 muaj më parë

    @wrestling bios When it cam to the southern states in the u.s. it was monster trucks, racin', and wrastlin'.

  49. Mega Raichu
    Mega Raichu
    4 muaj më parë

    R.I.P Animal he's now with his brother hawk

  50. JM1993951
    4 muaj më parë

    The fact that one single person would take that joke by Bischoff seriously show how seriously fans took their wrestling back then. Good times.

  51. JM1993951
    4 muaj më parë

    I have so much on my mind with work and home life during any given week. This came as a legitimate surprise at work when I got the notification. I love this series.

  52. Joshua Izzo
    Joshua Izzo
    4 muaj më parë

    Hogan's Nitro match with Meng he sells like he's being mauled by a grizzly bear. Not sure if we've covered that yet but it's pre NWO so it should be coming soon

  53. Carl Sixsmith
    Carl Sixsmith
    4 muaj më parë

    Haystacks was diagnosed with cancer about 4 weeks into his run. Sorry his dying got in the way of WCW television

  54. Gamer dude 98993
    Gamer dude 98993
    4 muaj më parë

    Just 4 months to go for the nwo storyline to kick off in wcw and for wcw's 83 week winning streak to begin

  55. arrowwolfz
    4 muaj më parë

    The start of my weekend

  56. Shark Shock
    Shark Shock
    4 muaj më parë

    Good video but not great. I would have liked a lil more focus on the bret and nash locker room animosity. Any possibility of doing a video on sounded interesting to me.

  57. Your Friend
    Your Friend
    4 muaj më parë

    Bischoff said on the Pillman episode of his podcast that he wasn't necessarily EXPECTING Pillman to come back as opposed to letting him make more money than he was willing to pay him at the time and giving him more money when he got over enough to warrant the price tag.

  58. Michael Hannell
    Michael Hannell
    4 muaj më parë

    Tons of people that were fans of wcw also watched nascar. Wcw main territory was the south and that's were racing is popular

  59. Streifenkarl
    4 muaj më parë

    Love how Woman throws Flairs coke stash into Hogans face.

  60. alexboiii
    4 muaj më parë

    BEST WORK GUYS !! atatatat

  61. Cam Camz21
    Cam Camz21
    4 muaj më parë

    The WWF jobbed out to the dog show that week lol

  62. Mojones
    4 muaj më parë

    This is actually my favourite series on ALfirst. Is it sad that my favourite content on all of ALfirst is a series about 1990’s wrestling? 😕

  63. I’m probably tired
    I’m probably tired
    4 muaj më parë

    Now get the poop, the pee of my diarrhea!!! I always hated that damn song.

  64. 5layerinmybelly
    4 muaj më parë

    I always thought flair was kind of annoying

  65. Chin Dub
    Chin Dub
    4 muaj më parë

    Another amazing video keep up the amazing work bro much love from south Carolina

  66. the one who woke up
    the one who woke up
    4 muaj më parë

    Elizabeth, Benoit's wife and Mean Gene gone R.I.P

  67. Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson
    4 muaj më parë

    Good job I love watching this

  68. Heath Michaels
    Heath Michaels
    4 muaj më parë

    I really do love these shows. also RIP Animal, the last Warrior down. 2020 sucks.

  69. Justin McMichael
    Justin McMichael
    4 muaj më parë

    Heel Elizabeth was so hot 🔥

  70. mike leonick
    mike leonick
    4 muaj më parë

    Probably the best wrestling channel going. No politics, no grudges, very mature yet fun. Thanks for the great work!

  71. KEWL V1C
    KEWL V1C
    4 muaj më parë

    “Hulk Hogan rolls up Ric Flair, showing he can make Arn Anderson tap while pinning the world champion at the same time” 😂 because of course!! He’s Hulk Hogan man he can beat anyone with ease!

  72. Axel Malone
    Axel Malone
    4 muaj më parë

    RIP Road Warrior Animal🤘🤘🤘

  73. The Irishpanic
    The Irishpanic
    4 muaj më parë

    Being that they are in the south i have no doubt that many of the fans watched the car race

  74. Joe
    4 muaj më parë

    “The Americans Males excellent theme song plays in the arena...” 😂

  75. hrbie84
    4 muaj më parë

    That powerbomb Konan pulled off, might be the safest, best display of "taking care of an opponent" I've ever seen. Props to Konan for being so strong to not only catch Crowbar, but pick him back up and make the powerbomb look good, while still safe.

    4 muaj më parë

    RIP road warrior animal

  77. drinking bleach rn
    drinking bleach rn
    4 muaj më parë

    it was probably pretty cool for the fans to see hogan and savage teaming up again at the end

  78. Paul James
    Paul James
    4 muaj më parë

    Keep doin what you're doin brotha! Best wrestling channel on ALfirst!

  79. big nut
    big nut
    4 muaj më parë


  80. bigstupidgrin
    4 muaj më parë

    I respect you, wrestling bios man!

  81. Facts Over Feels
    Facts Over Feels
    4 muaj më parë

    Miss Elizabeth's stunning beauty never ceases to amaze. A classy, sexy lady

  82. Joshua Charles
    Joshua Charles
    4 muaj më parë

    If the timing is right this series won't be complete until 2025. Investment

  83. Johnny Allright
    Johnny Allright
    4 muaj më parë

    Will next week's episode of RAW be the one where they announce the return of the Ultimate Warrior.

  84. ThaClancyFam2
    4 muaj më parë

    Now I see why the Billionaire Ted skit clowned them on the high heel shoe. The WCW writers/wrestlers/managers seemed like they couldn’t come up with a better weapon, smh.

  85. Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas
    4 muaj më parë

    Arn Anderson's biggest win of his career

  86. Sosig Boi
    Sosig Boi
    4 muaj më parë

    Fun fact: About a year after Devon Storm’s appearance on this episode of Nitro, he worked the opening match of Maccabiah Mania 2 (immortalized on the notorious Grandmasters of Wrestling DVDs) where he lost to his frequent tag partner Ace Darling. Later in 1997 he started working for WWF as a job guy, which included losing to Taka Michinoku in the Light Heavyweight Championship tournament.

  87. Julien Tanner
    Julien Tanner
    4 muaj më parë

    Whatttt aaaaa rushhhhhhh from above

  88. Ronald Brown
    Ronald Brown
    4 muaj më parë

    You were right, another damn good Flair Promo!! 🔥💯😂

  89. Martin Rubio
    Martin Rubio
    4 muaj më parë

    RIP road warrior animal

  90. Bennie Woods
    Bennie Woods
    4 muaj më parë

    You the GOAT fam.... You need to be protected at all cost lol Thank you once again

  91. Mike Jennette
    Mike Jennette
    4 muaj më parë

    If anyone wants a cool in depth review of the WCW PPVs around this time check out OSW Review. Keep up the good work man!

  92. Mark Masters
    Mark Masters
    4 muaj më parë

    Elizabeth and "woman" OK? 🤔

    1. Cory A
      Cory A
      4 muaj më parë

      her literal WCW stage name was woman.

  93. Venem
    4 muaj më parë

    It's a shame giant haystacks died very soon after like the next year

  94. Albert B
    Albert B
    4 muaj më parë

    Ric Flair was underrated in early 1996 to be honest

  95. MikeyXSuicide
    4 muaj më parë

    I thought Konnan was wearing an MF Doom mask at first glance. Hahahaha.

  96. luvdady
    4 muaj më parë

    Plunda? Whats that , ohhhh the thing use in the toilet! Classic bobby

  97. Joie Kelly
    Joie Kelly
    4 muaj më parë

    Fun Fact:Giant Haystacks was also a pretty good singer I recommend “Baby I need you” if you’re really trying to set the mood with that special someone, just don’t show them his picture.

  98. AlphaDrum
    4 muaj më parë

    Geez, how much does konnan suck?

  99. JV Harbin
    JV Harbin
    4 muaj më parë

    Crowbar rolled out of the pin and then back in when he realized that was the finish. LoL 😅

  100. Liam Nguyen
    Liam Nguyen
    4 muaj më parë

    I gotta say, the main event picture during this time in WCW I didn't like. If it consisted of rotating Savage & Hogan around to fight with either Arn or Flair, I just preferred WWF more at the time with Bret Hart & them. I mean Savage, Flair, Sting, etc are talented people ... but Hogan with his crappy matches and heroic saves all the time were boring. Especially his matches.