Dusty Rhodes & The Original "War Games" Match

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If you would like to support the channel and my work, please visit Patreon: www.patreon.com/wrestling_bios
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Dusty Rhodes was, and still is, considered as one of the most innovative and creative minds in the wrestling business. One of The American Dream's most exciting ideas came in the form of a wrestling match concept, The War Games match. Inspired after seeing The Thunderdome in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, Rhodes frantically sketched out his idea for "War Games", a match that would get held inside 2 rings with one giant ring surrounding them.
The first War Games match was held in 1987 at The Great American Bash tour. After getting the go-ahead from Jim Crockett, Dusty was able to bring his match concept to life at The Omni in Atlanta. Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering took on The Four Horsemen (consisting of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger and J.J Dillon). War Games became an instant success, and the new match type would become a tradition of WCW as the years went on.
This video covers the first War Games matchups and how Dusty Rhodes came up with the idea.
00:00 - Dusty Rhodes Creates the War Games match
08:19 - The First ever War Games match
14:03 - War Games II
16:40 - The Evolution of War Games
- Much More!
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  1. Robert Smith
    Robert Smith
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    Virgil Runnels could come up with innovative ideas he just couldn’t promote it like Vince McMahon could.

  2. gst013
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    This is probably the second best gimmick match concept of all time in wrestling after the Royal Rumble...Dusty should be proud as hell of this one. Then again, the dog kennel match must be up there somewhere in the top 3 as well...

  3. c71score
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    I love how the Mad Max movies inspired like 93% of 1980's wrestling ideas.

  4. John Tammaro
    John Tammaro
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    I've just remembered those stories on Klondike Bill. Urghh.

  5. Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz
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    The Match Beyond WarGames

  6. Songi
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    Ooo so war games created the idea of the elimination chamber. Brilliant

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    Dusty had all the belts!

  8. kingofkings69ner jr
    kingofkings69ner jr
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    Without War Games there wouldn't be a Hell In A Cell match

  9. CrazyChiv
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    Do you not consider TNA's Lethal Lockdown as a spiritual successor to War Games? It only had a one ring cage (sometimes six sided) but it did have the two teams, staggered entrants and the "match beyond" concept. I always figured it as their take on this match.

  10. Trevor Feelgood
    Trevor Feelgood
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    Man I love your Videos

  11. Daniel Kinney
    Daniel Kinney
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    My first wrestling match was on my 7th bday in 94' War Games was in my town Roanoke VA. I was hooked. Lol

  12. ashley wright
    ashley wright
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    big bubba was sorry!

  13. Philip Howell
    Philip Howell
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    Been watching for a while, fellow British man here (I'm from Wales anyway) love your videos they've been a big help during all this corona malarkey being stuck in the house I just wanted to ask if you have time, could do a video about Bob Backlund? I don't really know much about him and would like to hear your take on him.

  14. Evolved Copper
    Evolved Copper
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    Conrad Thompson in the 4th minute? 😂

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    Dusty ❤️

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  17. GeeCoach35
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    Best match I've ever seen. The crowd noice, the spectacle of the cages, the all time greats competing. And sorry, Cody. The silliness of AEW should be nowhere near any of Dusty's creations

  18. BlueBoboDoo100
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    Fantastic video, man. I knew that Dusty created it thanks to his feud with the horsemen, but that's all I knew. There are some of Dusty's creations that WWE only use to spite AEW (didn't use Great American Bash for years until 2019), but I can't fault them for keeping the WarGames name. It's become integral to the NXT brand, and the name fits with their aesthetic really well.

  19. Sean Woolfenden
    Sean Woolfenden
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    i hope we get a main roster wargames match someday

  20. James40000
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    God I hate war games.

  21. SCP- 343
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    Flip flop fly!

  22. Gunther Moes
    Gunther Moes
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    In my opinion the NXT version of wargames is better the wcw wargames

  23. Josh W
    Josh W
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    When the double cage was lowered.....you knew.....this wasn't gonna end well.....AND IT DIDN'T

  24. Randyman Maximus
    Randyman Maximus
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    NWA's greatest gimmick.

  25. Mike Debrocky
    Mike Debrocky
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    Dusty's creation was property of wcw which was bought by wwe. It sucks but that the way it is.

  26. Krendall2
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    Like the WWE would willingly allow Cody Rhodes/AEW to have anything. They don't want the company to even exist.

  27. El Boti
    El Boti
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    Love your videos keep it up! Can you do a video series about goldust?

  28. John Falcetta
    John Falcetta
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    That was great. Well done.

  29. wunder859
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    Was the coin toss a work or was it real?

  30. Spoonie G
    Spoonie G
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    on the undercard was the PYT's DJ Bruce Jefferson and Michael Jackson Jr vs The HWY 441 Boys Albert "NaNa Scooter" Robinson and Henry "Meatball" Robinson for The Woodrow World Tag Team Titles.

  31. edalder2000
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    The AEW "Blood and Guts" match had the tagline of "A Match Beyond." I can see Blood and Guts returning when crowds can safely attend. The Blood and Guts match morphed into The Stadium Stampede. The Elite versus Inner Circle storyline needed a blow off. The Stadium Stampede sounded ridiculous, but was easily the most fun I have had seeing a match in a long time.

  32. Jes Morse
    Jes Morse
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    straight up historical 💪 thank you wrestling bios 👍

  33. The Real Talk Show
    The Real Talk Show
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    I knew you weren’t going to mention Lethal Lockdown smh....but MLW gets a shout out 😑

  34. Mike Leoci
    Mike Leoci
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    Very good bio as always. The early War Games were much better than the ones WCW put on in late 90's. 1991 & 92 were the 2 best ones NWA/WCW did. Like how NXT is doing War Games combination of old & new school. You can do a couple more bios for War Games & one for NXT War Games

  35. EHH246
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    So Dusty popularized the "descending cage" prop for wrestling?

  36. Rahhmi
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    "The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, was wan of the most innovative and creative boogers in the history of the wrestling business" Brain is numb. this is gonna be fun.

  37. Gregory Johnson
    Gregory Johnson
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    Dustys' team had all the beef.

  38. jb888888888
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    3:40 FYI _Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome_ wasn't _Mad Max 2_ it was _Mad Max 3._

  39. Paul Martinez
    Paul Martinez
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    I have no idea why this man dosen't have more subscribers. This channel is better than a lot of other wrestling channels.

  40. Dave Ray
    Dave Ray
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    The first WarGames in 1987 and the WarGames 1989 were my favorites.

  41. Timothy Holland
    Timothy Holland
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    Fact Check: Big Bubba Rogers wasn’t war machine or Giant Machine, he was Dark Journey in the second War Games.

  42. Theodes Lewis
    Theodes Lewis
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    And Dusty Rose son Cody Rhodes his it to AEW is doing great...

  43. CashColor Cannabis
    CashColor Cannabis
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    Talk about classic.

  44. Dale Santeford
    Dale Santeford
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    I love the war games they still use those nowadays and the classic matches independent companies use this match submit and surrender helps to end the match very well

  45. Foghorn Leghorn
    Foghorn Leghorn
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    Yeah I was there! It was an exciting environment that rainy windy night in ATL!

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    Wrestling Bios is my YT Dusty!!! Another great video. Always quality.

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    who makes your intro songs?

  48. Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez
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    I loved the 80s NWA, second to none, Dusty Rhodes was one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, always hated how WWE turned him into a joke.

  49. youtubered/activate code LTYGHBCT
    youtubered/activate code LTYGHBCT
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    The nxt wargames is more fng nuts then the old war games but the early wargames were the best.

  50. loofrin
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    A video on Bunkhouse Stampede, please!

  51. itsnova Louise
    itsnova Louise
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    Real fans read this as the waw gaymes. If ya will 😂😂

  52. P I
    P I
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    It worked because it had the right participants, mainly the Four Horsemen.

  53. Crush the crusher machine wwe legend Kyle kammins
    Crush the crusher machine wwe legend Kyle kammins
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    i love the war games match war games is my favorite wrestling match all time the best war games match in 1987 i love the war games 2 ring inside the giant steel cage i don’t care about some people don’t like the war games i do i always like the war games matches

  54. Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards
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    I'm a day late but I'm here awesome video buddy keep it up !!!

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    Please do the first Royal Rumble too

  56. sumit dalal
    sumit dalal
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    Looks like this match made modern wrestling Perhaps the most awaited matches Royal rumble, survicior, Hell in a cell, elimination chamber came from it Dusty rhodes was such an innvator. RIP

  57. Life in the 413
    Life in the 413
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    That $250,000 gate in '87 is worth $573,000 today. Good gate.

  58. West Side
    West Side
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    That Entrance Music Remix 👌🏼

  59. Sujatro Mukhopadhyay
    Sujatro Mukhopadhyay
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    I do want Cody to get back the rights to his father's concept, but will it really be the same without Regal growling "War Games" to kick off a rivalry?

  60. Raphael Morrata
    Raphael Morrata
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    Can t believe Wcw/Nwa booked an Elimination chamber/Hell in a Cell match in 1987!

  61. T-Bag
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    Mad Max 3 beyond thunderdome, not 2.

  62. John Dunning
    John Dunning
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    Kevin Dunn could learn a thing or two off your production great bios

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    John Dunning
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    I've said it once and I'll say it again.. This is the best ever channel not just ALfirst but the internet

  64. maixiu
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    The best War Games matches were the first one in 1987, 1991, and 1992.

  65. Mike Jeffers
    Mike Jeffers
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    War games is the second best reason why Arn Anderson shows up at 29 because the first reason is how about Arn how about Arn

  66. Hasani Coward
    Hasani Coward
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    I'm happy NXT started using WAR GAME'S

  67. Movies and Wrestling
    Movies and Wrestling
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    I belong to much younger generation as I was born in 1989, even though I lived through 90s, but I became WWE fan only in 2002, I always wanted to see Bret & Owen Hart, British Bulldog, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert... Atleast I saw Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero... Thanks God You Tube exists I can see some Andre the Giant, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes...

  68. Bobbywoodhogan
    Muaj më parë

    I’m a huge WCW Mark but I always thought War Games was a great concept but it was rarely executed well. The thing I didn’t like was the submission finish, it would always leave a flat ending.

    1. Bobbywoodhogan
      Muaj më parë

      @Viola Greene it was anti clumatic there was no drama in it

    2. Viola Greene
      Viola Greene
      Muaj më parë

      Huh? The submission was the best part! It's a truer ending than a pinfall. You have to actively decide to quit. It's saying "you're better than me".

  69. Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson
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  70. Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson
    Muaj më parë

    Good video. Never a fan of Dusty as a wrestler. He was very limited, but he was one of the best characters, talkers and bookers in wrestling. Would love to see a video of the dream coming to the WWF and the politics behind that.

  71. Captain Calculus
    Captain Calculus
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    I miss Dusty so much

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    You have no idea how much I waited for this

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    Thelapsedfan did it better

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    Freaking A.E.W mark..lol

  76. Thomas D
    Thomas D
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    War Games was the original Hell In A Cell.

    1. Thomas D
      Thomas D
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      @ShadowAngel You're right

  77. James Thompson
    James Thompson
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    wargames is so much more fun then surviver seires

  78. Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan
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    If cody wanted wargames why didnt he buy wcw

    1. Viola Greene
      Viola Greene
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      Maybe because he was not quite 16 at the time?

  79. Michael Orf
    Michael Orf
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    @wrestlingbios you always manage to cover topics i didn't even know i wanted to know about. Thanks for being awesome

  80. Cloud121
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    You know I'm a lifelong loyal WCW guy, and a bit of a purist. When I found out about the NXT WarGames, I was pissed. No roof?! What?! But they got around it by making so if you left the cage, it counted as a surrender. I liked it. A good way to get around the lack of roof, while still maintaining the original rules. Still don't like allowing pinfalls though (Like Wargames 98).

  81. Mr. Wise
    Mr. Wise
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    🤩Nice..... Damn I love your channel. You got it brother! I love this stuff!

  82. Matthew6248
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    There was NO thunderdome in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, it was saved for Mad max: Beyond Thunderdome (The third movie)

  83. Keith B
    Keith B
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    The only thing I love about the current NXT Wargames set up is that they bring in weapons. Would love to see WWE do a Raw vs Smackdown Wargames match.

  84. Jeff Ng
    Jeff Ng
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    Maybe it's time to put all the PPV concepts into the public domain

  85. William Evans
    William Evans
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    To be honest, it feels like almost everything Vince has today he stole from other people. War Games, PPVs (another Dusty idea), and any number of other things.

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  87. 0ther Un1t
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    That cage is so short looking it worries me. Yes, Road Warriors! ...sigh... I hope Cody gets to honor his father, I think he'll do it right. Elimination chamber sounds like a giant bathroom.

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  91. Martin Rubio
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    RIP dusty rhodes u are missed

  92. Sosig Boi
    Sosig Boi
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    I like the WarGames matches they do in NXT, but I agree that they’re a lot different from what they were back in the day. Though until AEW finally gets to do the Blood and Guts match it’ll be impossible to say how the classic rules and cage setup will mesh with modern, spot-heavy wrestling styles.

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    Corrie M
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  98. Johnpaul Morrison
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    Cody doesn't deserve the war games just because his dad came up with the concept. If Cody really wants to be successful like his father then he can create his own wrestling concepts, and stop living off his father's name. Nothing about him was original, and just because he's annoyed that WWE thought he was a jobber and he pretty much is, doesn't give him rights to anything.

  99. Jonathan Winston
    Jonathan Winston
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