Raw vs Nitro "Reliving The War": Episode 32 - May 13th 1996

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The Monday Night War continues in “Reliving The War”!
The date is May 13th 1996, WWF Raw is on the USA Network while WCW Nitro is live on TNT. The two wrestling shows are going head to head for ratings supremacy, and wrestling fans have a choice in which wrestling show to watch. In this series, we look at both shows at the same time to see who had the best promos and matches.
We are just 6 days away from Slamboree 1996 where The Giant will defend the WCW Championship against Sting. Also at the Pay Per View, Randy Savage will be forced to team up with archnemesis Ric Flair in the Lethal Lottery tournament. This week’s Nitro features Ric Flair in action along with Lex Luger getting a WCW title shot. Over on Raw, the WWF are building towards the In Your House: Beware of Dog where The British Bulldog will challenge Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship. On this week’s episode of Raw, Shawn Michaels does battle with kliq buddy Triple H in the main event. Other superstars featured on this week’s Reliving The War include The Steiners, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Vader and Goldust.
00:00 - The Steiner Brothers open WCW Nitro
03:54 - Ahmed Johnson vs Zip
05:25 - Warrior University
06:15 - Chris Benoit vs Dave Taylor / Vader vs Duke Droese
09:12 - Promos on Raw and Nitro
11:41 - Aldo Montoya vs Justin Hawk Bradshaw / Flair vs VK Wallstreet
15:37 - Shawn Michaels vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley
19:38 - Lex Luger vs The Giant
21:11 - Final Results


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    Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy Reliving The War & I hope Santa brings you sweet presents :)

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      @TheNoirAlien March 26, 2001

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      @Rob Attewell hahaha yeah pretty much

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      @CHARLES PARTON Don't you mean a Mortal Kombat rip off? 😂

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      Love that comment about Lex Luger waiting in line for a PS5, that did make me laugh 😂

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    McMichael is a dong

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    "Brought to you by fingerblasting"

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    Lex waited for ps5? You really really have that at the back of your mind huh? 😅

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    Big van vader one of the best Big men ever🖖

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    Is that the first match between HBK and HHH? See this is why I love this channel, learn new stuff every time I watch it. I always thought their first 'match' was for the European title.

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    this nights raw is brought to you by fingerblasting haha

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    your one liners & comedic timing are fantastic. dongs 😂

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    haha i legit wonder what taker said backstage to Dustin after that

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    The dark ages of WWF

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    lmao 13:28 that mortal kombat theme for glacier tho

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    Good times, love this era of wrestling

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    I love both

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    Dude great episode!

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    The show ends with Luger not getting a ps5 😂😂🤣

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    who does your intro and outro music?

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    Dude... How old do you think a PS5 is?

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    Dude you had my cracking up the entire episode 😂😂😄

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    Just finished the OSW Review WM 11 episode and it give a lot of context as to how we ended up with Mongo McMichael in WCW

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    Loving these Glacier sections haha

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    The Final 6 days before Pro Wrestlings most controversial scandal occurred, "The Curtain Call" at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1996.

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    This show is going to get better and better. Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you so much for these series it’s appreciated

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    Another class video mate, also I love the luger PlayStation digs 😂😂

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    Lex Luger camping out for 24 years for a PS5 only to go for a piss and lose his place

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    Lex Luger was camping in front of Radio Shack but the Giant was a reseller after all.

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    Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 and happy holidays love your channel

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    Why did I almost believe Luger was actually waiting for a PS5? 😂 made me laugh when WB kept on talking about Luger and the PS5. Great video with funny jokes!

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    Watching this as we speak.... your comments mate = 😂😂😂👍 play station fan boy lex luger was 1 of many in this epispde that made LOL. Merry Christmas

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    hey Bios, I would like to make a request if you can look back at the Raw special episode ''WWE vs ECW: Head to Head'' [the go-home Raw before One Night Stand]

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    Wait I’m astonished that you mixed both theme songs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Hey thanks for getting this video out even during the holidays. They are a highlight of my week and always help me get through. Merry Christmas to you and all your patrons.

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    So Wellb done so Fuckin Funny play by play 👍🌲👍

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    SPOILER: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels next big match should have as much controversy as the Finger Poke of Doom.

  38. TrueFighter
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    Ahmed Johnson FINSHED was wicked look like trying kill the opponent

  39. Emo Bassist
    Emo Bassist
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    I cant believe warrior had his own wrestling school

  40. jdksports
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    I should have mentioned this in your poll but just scrap the segment-by-segment point system, imo when Nitro goes 2 hours. Just tell us which overall product you enjoyed better. Let's face it, while this point system is fun, inevitably it will be dressing when WWE fully takes over. No disrespect, the last thing I care about when watching this series is the point system.

  41. inutero10
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    I dont get the luger ps5 thing. What am i missing?

    1. J M
      J M
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      It's just a joke. Luger was camping out in the stadium to make sure he didn't miss his title shot.

  42. Cody, Let’s Plays
    Cody, Let’s Plays
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    So, Bradshaw had the same move set in 1996?

  43. Heel Spawn
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    Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho WWF tag team championship run (2001)

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    This is right around the time I starting watching wrestling again after a three year break.

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    Speaking of dongs

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    “Even though Scotty was not the legal man”....this is 90s wrestling. 50% or more of tag team matches were won by the illegal partner.

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    Merry Christmas Wrestling Bios keep up the good work you are awesome :)

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    "At least we now know how to wake up from the paralysis of the mandible claw - Get your dong touched by a guy painted in gold" - This line buckled me

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    Hard to believe I've watched every show. Awesome series. Really enjoy the stroll down memory lane. Ty and have a pleasant holiday season

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    I get it you LOVE SHAWN MICHAELS.

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    what did Vince do under the desk?

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    PS5 is overpriced right now, anyway. Lex should just wait a year, like I'm going to do. Besides, supplies will have been replenished by that point! Seriously, though. Thanks for posting on Christmas Eve!

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    Holding onto Hunter's nose. Classic.

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    Ps5 lex luger 😄 thats funny

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    Lex not getting his PS5 is one of the saddest Christmas stories written.

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    "Speaking of dongs Steve Mcmichael..etc.." that line had me cracking up lol

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    The Undertaker's little phenom😂😂😂😂 Edit: the Harley Race knee? No sir, that's the Booty Man's High Knee. Jokes were on point in this episode. Gotta love that Raw sponsor

  61. RockaJabroni
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    I rewatched Nitro 96 last year and i swear theres probably 20 -30 Glacier vignettes until he actuallly debuts. You should start adding a count up graphic!

  62. King Eternal
    King Eternal
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    "completely touches the little phenomenon" ahahaha I'm pretty sure I saw an interview where Goldust was dared to do that by guys backstage as a joke on Taker who didn't know that was going to happen. Dustin thought he was going to get his ass kicked behind the curtain when Taker returned backstage after the segment lol.

  63. Mark Jonovitch
    Mark Jonovitch
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    Would Nitro have won if Lex Luger DID get that PS5? :-)

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    Merry Christmas Wrestling Bios! Thank you for being the saving grace of this year. You & The Last Dance documentary are some of the ways I stayed sane during the summer quarantine. May you & your family enjoy a blessed holiday season!

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    Thomas Crowley
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    Luger is still waiting for the PS5

  66. Sean Abbins
    Sean Abbins
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    I would like to defend "random matches." They help to develop characters, both the relatively new talent like Bradshaw, those who we haven't seen in a while, like Chris Benoit, and those who are coming off of big losses, like Ric Flair. From a fan's perspective, it is a nice change of pace to just watch a good match without the soap opera stuff. And matches like Flair-Rotunda or Benoit-Taylor are good matches with professionals that don't necessarily need the storylines. If you follow any "real sports," the random games occur and people accept them, because they build to the bigger games. Without those random games, the big games wouldn't seem big. I will grant you that in the 80's, there were too many random matches. I also think that in the late Monday Night War period, there were too many storylines. I think that during this early Monday Night War era, they struck the perfect balance and it was perhaps my favourite time to be a fan.

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    Wrestling bios you are the man, Merry Christmas

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    "Little phenom" - LMAO

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    Shawn and that Hunter kid had a good match. They should wrestle again 20,000 times.

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    When Ahmed Johnson has a match, it's a point for Nitro!

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    Nitro was amazing back in the day. I quit watching wrestling when the WWE bought out WCW because I cannot stand the WWE. That was almost 20 years ago....

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    Im sad because this is only 23 minutes long. I could watch a full 2 hour review Wrestling Bios Rocks. Merry Christmas everyone 😄🖖

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    Your input on these shows are great. You made me realize would it takes to have a great match

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    Public Enemy was extremely over in ECW.

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    4:28 if you’re doing the backflip out of a back suplex the person doing the back suplex needs to launch the guy properly

    1. L1TTLEH0RN666
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      True but you can't sandbag either. Definitely looks like Ahmed dropped the ball.

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    Was the VK in VK Wallstreet a dig at Vinny Mac?

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    Laugh out loud writing! As always, really enjoyed the episode

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    yeah Zip and Skip are not twins like the Bellas and they used to do the Twin magic all the time and exchange places in matches...Even after Niki got Boob implants and you can clearly see the difference between them. The WWE Ref's were still blind as a bat and looked stupid when they couldn't tell the Bella's changed places.

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    1 minute 16 seconds in I'm already laughing

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    This is around the time Scott Steiner started juicing.

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    So that Dave Taylor is the same one that tagged with Regal on Smackdown around 2006-2007?

    1. Kevin Minder
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      @Ted Maul83 Thanks bro, never knew he was in WCW. I've only seen very late WCW; when it was on it's last breath around 2000.

    2. Ted Maul83
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      Yes its him.

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