Raw vs Nitro "Reliving The War": Episode 13 - Dec 4th 1995

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Raw vs Nitro "Reliving The War" takes a look at the Monday Night television ratings battle between WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw. Many fans of professional wrestling feel that both the WWF and WCW put on their absolute best television during this time period, a time period that tested the creativity of promoters and writers within the wrestling landscape. In 1995 though, and even in early 1996, both WCW and the WWF were trying to find new ways to innovate through their television shows while also staying one step ahead of the competition.
We have arrived at episode 13, it's the 4th of December 1995, Raw is showing taped matches while Nitro is live on TNT. The WWF will present an intercontinental title match on Raw this week while WCW plans to grab viewers attention with a WCW Heavyweight Championship match. Superstars featured on Raw and Nitro include Razor Ramon, The Giant, Ric Flair, Sid, Fatu, Lex Luger and The British Bulldog. We also have a health update on Shawn Michaels, his personal physician shares some news regarding HBK's future in wrestling. It's Raw vs Nitro, it's the WWF vs WCW, and it would soon turn into a battle for survival.
00:00 - This week's opening matches
05:18 - The Brooklyn Brawler does the job
06:29 - Sting appears on WCW Nitro
08:22 - The Giant, Scott Norton, Razor Ramon and Dean Douglas in action
11:41 - Ric Flair and King Mabel promos on Raw and Nitro
14:35 - The Main Events
20:20 - The Shawn Michaels Health Update
21:54 - Hogan and Sting try to settle their differences
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  1. Jonathan Walker
    Jonathan Walker
    6 ditë më parë

    Yo is that Brian zane as macho man? Lmao

  2. P.J. Smith
    P.J. Smith
    11 ditë më parë

    Good series thanks sir.

  3. rasmus degn
    rasmus degn
    16 ditë më parë

    As long as we can agree Sir Charles is a better knight than Sir Mo it's all okay with me. Also, with how thickly layered on that last Shawn segment was i was entirely expecting Dr. Feelgood to diagnose Shawn with "Lost Smile".

  4. austizzy1
    24 ditë më parë

    Don't judge me....but I have that Undertaker cardboard cut out

  5. JLvatron
    25 ditë më parë

    That ending credits Macho Man voiceover was TeeHee-ous!

  6. darq Chason
    darq Chason
    28 ditë më parë

    Amazing job. They might hire you at one of the Feds!

  7. aveng7fld
    Muaj më parë

    Feels like Dean Douglas was a big part of WWF back then. He just came in and happened to have a lot of tv time for as short as he was there.

  8. Tommy Maguire
    Tommy Maguire
    Muaj më parë

    The whole post concussion lark is a touch ironic given what happened with Test and Benoit in years to come!

  9. King Rama
    King Rama
    Muaj më parë

    Damn so Charles Barkley was skinny at 1 point in time

  10. Julian Monjaras
    Julian Monjaras
    2 muaj më parë

    Barkly should have received the point.

  11. Patrick Peralta
    Patrick Peralta
    3 muaj më parë

    Vince was a moron putting Randy Savage on the commentaters table. as you pointed out he still had many good years ahead.

  12. Blue Spice Space
    Blue Spice Space
    3 muaj më parë

    If you are looking forward to the conclusion to the Sherri/Parker storyline, don't worry. You will only have to wait until September 96!

  13. Thomas Heida
    Thomas Heida
    3 muaj më parë

    Hogan loves nothing but the colour of money brother LMAO

  14. David Worden
    David Worden
    4 muaj më parë

    I can't thank this series enough my personal time machine

  15. ForeverTired2000
    4 muaj më parë

    22:53 XD

  16. paul kirby
    paul kirby
    4 muaj më parë

    I used to watch both But WCW was on free tv And The other was Sky tv so not as much on the WWF side

  17. Mark Masters
    Mark Masters
    4 muaj më parë

    Jay Lethal at the end?

  18. Mark Masters
    Mark Masters
    4 muaj më parë

    I liked the episode but two things stuck out to me: 1. Do you have a beef with barry d.? 2. King Mabel promo over Flair promo?

  19. jessossenkopp
    5 muaj më parë

    This series is excellent.

  20. Tyler Bergen
    Tyler Bergen
    5 muaj më parë

    Seriously was there a more bland, boring wrestler ever then Lex Luger? His promos sucked ass, he wasn’t entertaining to watch and was overall just terrible. He had one gimmick and that was the narcissist after that he became the bland blonde muscular guy. Why they ever pushed him is beyond me (both WCW and WWF). Also he looks like a bonehead in almost every appearance. Especially that Summerslam match with Yokozuna where he apparently was just as happy with winning via count out as winning the actual title. I disagree with you, he did NOT put good matches together EVER.

  21. Gary Good
    Gary Good
    5 muaj më parë

    Marcus bagwell was the brother of my 2nd grade teacher.

  22. Vinny Smoove
    Vinny Smoove
    5 muaj më parë

    Raws main event was trash!!

  23. Budweiser Man 5.0
    Budweiser Man 5.0
    5 muaj më parë

    This man is very entertaining keep up the good work along with the videos.

  24. Leon Moshonas
    Leon Moshonas
    5 muaj më parë

    The absolute best time of the week this series is unreal keep the good work coming thanks 🙏

  25. Rap Galsim
    Rap Galsim
    5 muaj më parë

    Getting excited evry upload of mon. Nyt war

  26. Charlie Bowen
    Charlie Bowen
    5 muaj më parë

    Give Luger his due... he says openly he was never a wrestling fan and it was about money... it’s not what you want to hear but it’s honest.. something lacking greatly in general nowadays

  27. Goh Kim Hock
    Goh Kim Hock
    5 muaj më parë

    always like WCW matches

  28. Truly_Sonic
    5 muaj më parë

    Wait that one guy was the re4 merchant 😳

  29. Big Guy
    Big Guy
    5 muaj më parë

    Heel Backlund was content

  30. Andrew W
    Andrew W
    5 muaj më parë

    Don’t let any of your hard mates see you watch it 😂

  31. Tyree D.
    Tyree D.
    5 muaj më parë

    love it love it! as a junior in high school on the west coast, I got to watch all of both shows. stream #tyreevision

  32. Noname X
    Noname X
    5 muaj më parë

    The Macho - Vince stuff has always been interesting. I don't think Vince thought Macho couldn't go but I think he wanted to keep Macho on a pedestal rather than be used to get guys over. I am doubtful on the Steph claims..get the sense Vince loved Macho much like Shawn later and Taker towards end of Taker's career.. So Vince felt totally betrayed/bitter as time went on. Now I'm not saying it was a homosexual thing, could have been platonic, but you can just tell Vince feels strongly about certain wrestlers and in the Taker docu can see how much loyalty means to him. So I think it may just be that combo as to why Vince took it personally and had Macho blacklisted. Just my theory / speculation on it.

  33. Mark L
    Mark L
    6 muaj më parë

    🤣🤣🤣 13 episodes and I JUST NOW realized that the intro is a mashup of the nitro music and the raw lyrics. 🤦‍♂️ I cant believe I managed to procreate being that oblivious to things 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Kenny Wright
    Kenny Wright
    6 muaj më parë

    19:12 referees taking bumps are always hilarious LOL

  35. leoncloud31
    6 muaj më parë

    Wow. Macho came back from the dead to do a Wrestling Bios Promo. MADNESS!!!

  36. JM1993951
    6 muaj më parë

    Say whatever you want about Bob Holly, he’s still got the best drop kick in the business.

    1. Charlie Bowen
      Charlie Bowen
      5 muaj më parë

      JM1993951 or Owen hart

  37. RockaJabroni
    6 muaj më parë

    The only thing Vince didnt do was make out with Shawn on live tv.

  38. Gamer dude 98993
    Gamer dude 98993
    6 muaj më parë

    Can't wait for the episodes from july 1996 to April 1998 we are almost there bcuz this is the time when both raw and nitro started putting up great shows really looking forward to those episodes

  39. steven imeson
    steven imeson
    6 muaj më parë

    yes we needa barry dadinski soundbite!

  40. Charles Bird
    Charles Bird
    6 muaj më parë

    I’ve never been a fan of Lex Luger either

  41. The Irishpanic
    The Irishpanic
    6 muaj më parë

    I feel like nitro got robbed this week

  42. Mitch John
    Mitch John
    6 muaj më parë

    Nitro before nwo will always be special to me

  43. Bran Dam Blagg
    Bran Dam Blagg
    6 muaj më parë

    Nitro with the W

  44. Pipe Picasso
    Pipe Picasso
    6 muaj më parë

    Unhinged Bob Backlund is underrated. I like him acting like a lunatic.

  45. Ryan Burton
    Ryan Burton
    6 muaj më parë

    WCW 4 Life

  46. Buttercup The Tortoise
    Buttercup The Tortoise
    6 muaj më parë

    The Harlem heat were underrated.

  47. Ceasar R33L
    Ceasar R33L
    6 muaj më parë

    Jeff Hardy or John Cena (Rapper) bio would be a good video

  48. lincoln speering
    lincoln speering
    6 muaj më parë

    Any chance you will cover the ruthless aggression era. I watched the WWE documentary, I'd love to get your take on the era.

  49. Shelby Khan
    Shelby Khan
    6 muaj më parë

    This guy does great videos

  50. Phenomenal One
    Phenomenal One
    6 muaj më parë

    "Hogan doesn't like anything other than the color of money, brother" Wrestling Bios- 2020

  51. Kitten Paws
    Kitten Paws
    6 muaj më parë

    Damn, that Raw episode was terrible. I can't believe I watched that every Monday night.

  52. Marius Henderson
    Marius Henderson
    6 muaj më parë

    Anyone know the song in the beginning

  53. Emperor Norton Winks
    Emperor Norton Winks
    6 muaj më parë

    Went from Cornette's pod cast to wrestling bios both bringing up Lex

  54. UnPlugged Gaming
    UnPlugged Gaming
    6 muaj më parë

    This was the only time Mabel could be considered better than Ric Flair 😂

  55. Brandon Perkins
    Brandon Perkins
    6 muaj më parë

    Wrestling War Unlimited

  56. David Burton
    David Burton
    6 muaj më parë

    The Harlem Hangover is one of my favorite finishes.

  57. Daniel Edwardson
    Daniel Edwardson
    6 muaj më parë

    you sould do a vid about some of favourite wwf . wwe backsage segment

  58. joshua2814
    6 muaj më parë

    I had to watch that doctor segment as soon as I was done and it is pretty funny. It's also funny that in the clip of Shawn hitting the mat none of the fans in the first few rows seem worried at all. And when the doctor is trying to sell how serious it is, he lists symptoms like "nausea" and "numb toes." Poor Shawn.

  59. The Homies
    The Homies
    6 muaj më parë

    I remember being like 6 for that Michaels promo at the end and I bought it 100% when he came back and had a match and took some blows to the head my dad was like "see? He's attacking his weak brain" I was like "whoaaa"

  60. plsmedia
    6 muaj më parë

    Damn, went to watch the next episode and realize I'm caught up now!

  61. Zandig Т
    Zandig Т
    6 muaj më parë

    Awesome content!!!!

  62. 16BitJay
    6 muaj më parë

    Maybe instead of a jingle just have the "welcome" the merchant says or "what are you buying" I have to say every time you call him the Resident Evil 4 merchant I laugh.

  63. BlackOut GStar
    BlackOut GStar
    6 muaj më parë

    omg thats rikishi crazy

  64. nichelle harris
    nichelle harris
    6 muaj më parë

    I didn't realize that angle for Shawn used CVMC. That place is garbage.

  65. Tom Dowell
    Tom Dowell
    6 muaj më parë

    I wish wrestling bios would stop stealing segments from vee infuso

  66. Dave Kay
    Dave Kay
    6 muaj më parë

    I am a loyal www fan not was Into nwa or Jim Crockett or wcw as being from northeast I never got it on my tv and I was rooting hard for wwf and checking ratings on the internet and I don’t know how with that show they pulled of the win this week or should I say weak

  67. Dab Marino
    Dab Marino
    6 muaj më parë

    08:03 Fatu rocking that Bone Street Krew gear

  68. S.E.S PunK
    S.E.S PunK
    6 muaj më parë

    Absolutely love the reliving the war series, thank you for providing these great in depth videos.

  69. DaJuan Warren
    DaJuan Warren
    6 muaj më parë

    Thanks again man. I love these. And I'm watching them with you. Your wrestling bio helped me through quarantine. Had to say thank you and much respect. And please don't let nothing stop you from delivering these slices of wrestling goodness. Much love brother. Keep doing your thing.

  70. T-Bag
    6 muaj më parë

    Calling Dr. Unger, calling Dr. Unger.

  71. Joseph Gregor
    Joseph Gregor
    6 muaj më parë

    I seriously look forward to these every week, like I'm watching one of my favorite TV shows! (which I guess this basically is.....) Love it, man. KEEP IT UP!!!! Every week!!!

  72. Hayden Decker
    Hayden Decker
    6 muaj më parë

    Shane Douglas wasn't released he left.

  73. Jeff Piper
    Jeff Piper
    6 muaj më parë

    Please keep this going it’s great

  74. DasKame
    6 muaj më parë

    "...and Raw gives us Marty Janetty vs. Sid" How mean RAW! D=

  75. John Rath
    John Rath
    6 muaj më parë

    Love the series including this episode but the randy savage impersonation at the end was cringeworthy

  76. Tony
    6 muaj më parë

    The Bargain Hunt theme when Barry turns up!

  77. Joris Weyen
    Joris Weyen
    6 muaj më parë

    Luger's selling? Brah, check out OSW review take on that asap :p

  78. Jonathon Lyons
    Jonathon Lyons
    6 muaj më parë

    Ha Ha Ha. Another point to Brother Love. The last few weeks MVP

  79. gst013
    6 muaj më parë

    Good call on the production values...was even true in the glory days to come, but WWF's production was so much better than WCW's at this point.

  80. Todd Wagner
    Todd Wagner
    6 muaj më parë

    Doing a great job as usual man! I love how Fatu had the BSK beanie on.

  81. Mega Raichu
    Mega Raichu
    6 muaj më parë

    Answer great reliving the war episode but Michael Jordan was the best player in the nba at the time not Barkley

  82. Funny stories with Old School Curt Curt
    Funny stories with Old School Curt Curt
    6 muaj më parë

    This is becoming my favorite show

  83. AnonyMoose2012
    6 muaj më parë

    "Got some good things on sale stranga"

  84. Vince Massara
    Vince Massara
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  85. David Jackson
    David Jackson
    6 muaj më parë

    Oh so the Luger Savage match was good until the interference....You mean BECAUSE OF HOGAN. WE GET IT YOU LOVE HOGAN. GOD DAMN SHAME YOU CAN'T AND WON'T BE HONEST

  86. oh kay
    oh kay
    6 muaj më parë

    I snuck backstage on a raw in 98 when I was like 14. Barkley was backstage there too.

  87. KEWL V1C
    KEWL V1C
    6 muaj më parë

    “Tell Me A Lie” lol classic.

  88. Matt Newton
    Matt Newton
    6 muaj më parë

    Love your program been a fan since day one however I noticed sometimes when you talk about certain promos and matches you recommend that we go and watch it for ourselves however I've noticed that it's hard to find a lot of the matches and especially the promos. in the future would it be possible for you to maybe put a link in the description boxfor some of the matches and promos that you recommend for those of us who have not seen them we can go back and look them up

  89. Kent Barger
    Kent Barger
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    Love this series thanks man

  90. Chase Around The Bar
    Chase Around The Bar
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    Great show man

  91. Markus Steel Wright
    Markus Steel Wright
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    Honestly look forward to this series more than Raw, SmackDown, NXT and Dynamite each week

  92. TrueFighter
    6 muaj më parë

    Luger and savage both with miss Elizabeth.But think randy was best for her

  93. James Court
    James Court
    6 muaj më parë

    That "Hogan likes nothing but the color of money" line was great.

  94. Israel Massey
    Israel Massey
    6 muaj më parë

    I appreciate the work you put into these videos but in my opinion i think you should do a couple of these a week. One a week is just not enough. At that pace it's gonna be a good while before we get to the really good Raw and Nitro shows.

  95. Doug Walker
    Doug Walker
    6 muaj më parë

    Holly did have a very nice drop kick

  96. Cordaro Ridgeway
    Cordaro Ridgeway
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    Love these vids man. Thank you for doing this.

  97. Yoshimitsu 420
    Yoshimitsu 420
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    6 muaj më parë

    "1 minute and 26 seconds of my life I'll never get back" i love it

  99. Max anik
    Max anik
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  100. ShenaniTims
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    RE: Having to give a point: I feel, if you’re going to grant ties to the networks (as done in the past), then perhaps tossing out the garbage matches would be acceptable too. I don’t know what would’ve been on network television during this time period, but I have a feeling I’d be channel surfing through both matches there.