The Story of Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho - WrestleMania XIX

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Throughout the mid 90s, Shawn Michaels was considered as the greatest sports entertainer in the world. While many will say Shawn rose to the top thanks to his backstage stroke and his relationship with the office, The Heartbreak Kid backed everything up with his performances in the ring.
When Shawn took time away from the ring after WrestleMania XIV, other superstars in wrestling began climbing the ladder. A superstar who moved from WCW to the WWF was one Chris Jericho, an incredibly talented superstar who had worked around the world to become an exciting and entertaining wrestler in his own right. When HBK returned to the WWE in 2002 and after Shawn worked his return angle with Triple H, the decision was made to start a Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels storyline that would result in a WrestleMania match in 2003. HBK vs Y2J at Mania would end up becoming one of the greatest matches to ever happen at WrestleMania.
This video takes a look at how the Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho rivalry began. Topics covered include:
00:00 - The Raw after WWE Armageddon 2002
03:24 - HBK and Y2J at the 2003 Royal Rumble
07:01 - Jericho challenges Michaels to a WrestleMania match
11:55 - The final promo before Mania
14:22 - Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XIX
- Much More!
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    Such similar styles that worked together so well.

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    Wait, so you're saying an organically grown storyline did well?

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    marah monyet
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    Love to see the progress of christian, his tna run really proved he can be a singles wrestler too

  11. Jakuree Ndungaua
    Jakuree Ndungaua
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    Back when feuds felt important and didn't need world titles to get over.

  12. Rich Born
    Rich Born
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    I preferred this feud to the sequel. The whole slow talking Best in the World version of Jericho with his little trunks is my least favorite Y2J.

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  16. red-pill_OD t-dot_west-end
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    2003=Y2J vs HBK 2008=Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels

  17. Greg Matic
    Greg Matic
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    The real feud should've been HBK vs RVD. That would've been a spectacle.

  18. Hussain Nabi
    Hussain Nabi
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    WM 19 two matches stole the show HBK/y2j and lesnar/angle and then we also had Austin rock pure attitude classic at no. 2 . Wow

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    Jeffrey Turner
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    I still have Wrestlemania XIX on DVD and this match truly is still one of the best. BTW, might I make a request for a future Wrestling Bio? The Kane and Tori relationship story?

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  27. Joshin Around
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    This really was a superb angle. The way they played up how Jericho idolised Shawn and wanted to be like him. Shawn wanting to prove himself after coming back and tearing the house down with someone he knew he could do that with. A coherent storyline that made sense. Bit different these days....

  28. Marcus Bruhrelius
    Marcus Bruhrelius
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    at 8:45 you can see shawn clearly blading. 2003 was a simpler time

  29. Daniel Nemeth
    Daniel Nemeth
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    I really enjoy these videos from Wrestling Bios so first of all thank you for all of your hard work, I'm always like "yes" when I see a new video show up on my youtube "suggestions" page, or at least a video I haven't seen before. Any way I just wanted to address the dislikes for this video, it's like WHY ............I wish all 21 people who disliked this video would tell us what's your reasoning? Why did you dislike this video? and could you have done better? I feel people hate just for the sake of hating.......

  31. Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis
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  41. Blue Chief Awesome
    Blue Chief Awesome
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    Fun fact: Jericho explained in his book that he received a bigger paycheck for his Wrestlemania match against Fandango than he did on this one.

    1. RazorKevs
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      don't think so

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    Eating YuhHeard
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  49. Gabus Gaben
    Gabus Gaben
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    Still one of the best feuds of all time and (more) proof just how awesome Jericho is and how HBK's 2nd run in WWE was amazing.

  50. Deadpool Guy
    Deadpool Guy
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    I assume they bleeped it out on the network when Chris says the name "benoit"

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    Christopher Stephens
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    Love this video! I am enjoying all the videos on wrestling bios.

  52. Free TV
    Free TV
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    Thanks for putting this content on about the Michaels/Jericho feud. This was the only match that I saw in real time. I missed the continuation of the feud because I had stopped watching WWE by that time. I had heard so much about it but had never seen it. THANKS!

  53. Thomas J. Foolery
    Thomas J. Foolery
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    Jericho went from having Wrestlemania matches in his prime with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Edge and AJ Styles with millions watching to being bloated and wrestling Orange Cassidy in front of 700K weekly viewers. Sad.

    1. Kingston
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      He’s not bloated. He is on his gaijin Japanese hell body.

  54. Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez
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    I guess im not the only one who's get the attention about thighs colors, but i do. So to me this match had the best conbination with jericho in green and shawn in red

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  58. Chad Kerwin
    Chad Kerwin
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  59. Andrew W
    Andrew W
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    Mate you are a gem putting out all this content, you described the match perfectly, i felt like I was watching the match. Looking forward to the next one AND of course my favourite series, reliving the war!!! 🤗 LEGEND!

  60. epicgb
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    As much as i love these 2 i always find this match a bit of a work a bit like a AAA match

  61. Nick B
    Nick B
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    Did I miss when Jericho hits Shawn’s wife?

    1. David Ishola
      David Ishola
      5 muaj më parë

      That was their later feud in 2008, this video is on their 2003 feud.

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  66. djknight23
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  67. the brown gentleman
    the brown gentleman
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    Jericho is so under appreciated, guy's an absolute legend

    5 muaj më parë

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  69. Joris Weyen
    Joris Weyen
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  70. Movies and Wrestling
    Movies and Wrestling
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    I was WWE fan 2002-2006, but I never saw Pay Per Views or Heat or Velocity. Here in Finland they cut both RAW/Smackdown in half and sent them to Finnish channels.

  71. Mega Raichu
    Mega Raichu
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    I remember the build up to Y2J vs HBK maina 19 back in 2003 I was on the edge of my seat watching that match live on ppv I was 14

  72. Ty
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    Was he still known as Y2J then?

  73. Renwoxing
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  74. Ty WestSide
    Ty WestSide
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  75. Renwoxing
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    Hank Arrington
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    Riztastic 1
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  81. Brian Parker
    Brian Parker
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    Shawn’s blade job is so noticeable 😂

    5 muaj më parë

    I watched this match a few months ago and I didn’t appreciate it, but now as a 28 year old I really loved every min

    1. PRi0R_T0_A_WEEKAGO...fukWiTus_THAN_WE_TWEAKiN_H0E
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  88. imogen aris
    imogen aris
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    It's very impressive how you keep cranking these gems out! Jericho becoming the Undisputed Champion is still one of the greatest booking swerves of all time. What you said about him staying hungry even after winning it all rings true. Not being complacent at the top. That's a champion. Bret, HHH & Savage ( R.I.P. ) all had this in different ways. The Michaels/Jericho WXIX match felt average but the feud leading up to it was awesome. Jericho is good, & it's debatable putting him in the same league as Shawn. Eddie Guerrero, Dynamite Kid ( both R.I.P. ) & TNA A.J.Styles are moreso undisputed in that class

  89. Gil Edwards
    Gil Edwards
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    Rob Cortez
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    Kenny Wright
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  98. Rocky Austin
    Rocky Austin
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    Wrestemania 19 will always be the best WM of all time!

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